Reliable steel pipe systems for fire protection

Utmost safety and reliability are paramount in installations for fire protection and extinguishing. That is the level of security offered by Alvenius steel pipe systems.

Because the pipes are developed to meet the tough corrosion demands of the marine environment, they are ideal in for example harbour installations, process industries, paper mills, refineries, the chemical industry, tunnelling and many more. 
Stainless steel is no longer needed!

Longest life. Best functionality.

CorroFlo®-coated FlowMax® pipes are the ideal solution. You obtain 100% functionality year-in and year-out, and third-party tests show that the life cycle of undamaged CorroFlo® pipes is at least 75 years.

Longest life. Best functionality.
Low flow resistance means lower operating costs

Low flow resistance means lower operating costs

High-tensile steel and spiral welding enables decreased wall thickness and further many benefits: 

  • Lower flow resistance due to a larger inner diameter. 
  • The possibility to use pumps of a lower power rating – due to the lower flow resistance. 
  • The possibility to reduce the number of pumps in the system. 

It’s the inner diameter that counts!

Due to the high quality of the steel and Alvenius’ unique manufacturing process using spiral welding, the pipes are made with much thinner walls and lower weight 
- while still maintaining a stable profile.

This means you can obtain pipes with a larger inner diameter for the same outer diameter. Cost savings in transport, handling and installation are the outcome!

It’s the inner diameter that counts!
Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.

Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.

Installation is straight-forward. No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training.
All you need are pipes, couplings and a spanner.

Assembly goes at least ten times faster compared to welding and is done entirely without special training or hot work.

Moreover, the weight of FlowMax® CorroFlo® pipes is about 1/3 that of cast-iron pipes, which has a positive effect 
on freight and installation costs.

Surface coatings that protect against corrosion and wear

Pipe systems in tunnels work in an exposed
and aggressive environment. 
Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are therefore supplied with different types of surface treatment to withstand for example wear, corrosion and chemicals. 

We provide you with the right surface treatment 
for the right application.

Surface coatings that protect against corrosion and wear

  • HDG - Hot-dip galvanization

    Ideal for pipes that are to be dismantled/reassembled, due to a very robust surface coating.

  • CorroFlo® (thermoplastic coating)

    Ideal for corrosive conditions where for example acidic water or aggressive chemicals are a problem. The surface finish also minimises the risk for accumulation of deposits on the inside of the pipe.