Pipe manufacturers for special applications

What’s difficult to you is often plain sailing to us. Problem solving is our everyday fare, and we develop and put together just what you need.

You need pipes with special dimensions. You need pipes with special surface treatment. You need to quickly obtain a small series of pipes with special specifications. You need pipes for own use or an OEM application. And you can’t find the solutions or the suppliers.

No worries - just turn to Alvenius!

Special is standard for us

Special is everyday business for Alvenius, and if you can’t find the solutions in our regular range we’ll tailor make them for you. Quickly and efficiently.

We work with stepless diameters of 76 to 639mm
in free-choice wall thicknesses from 1.2 to 8mm
and in lengths up to 12 metres.

Due to high quality steel and spiral welding,
you get pipes with a lower weight/metre ratio 
that can withstand very high pressures.


You decide the coupling you need

In our standard range you will find coupling systems that are unrivalled in their ease and speed of connection.
But if you need other types of joints,
we can of course provide them too.

So Contact us and spell out your needs,
and we’ll get back to you with a solution.