The latest, most efficient water supply and sewerage systems for pressurised water and sewer pipes.

There is a modern alternative to water supply and sewer pipes made of PE, ductile iron or cement.
Alvenius FlowMax® is the future-proof alternative with easier handling, faster installation, lower energy consumption and a long service life.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are made of high-strength Swedish steel and are spirally welded for maximum dimensional stability. Thanks to the strong steel, we are able to manufacture pipes with very thin walls and can maximise the internal diameter.

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Ideal for drinking water

Thanks to the CorroFlo® coating, Alvenius FlowMax® pipe systems are ideal for drinking water.
The coating meets all hygiene requirements and effectively prevents deposits and accumulation.

The CorroFlo® coating is approved for the distribution of drinking water in Sweden, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the USA, France, etc.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are vapour-tight and approved
for use in contaminated areas.

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CorroFlo® – unbeatable coating

The CorroFlo® coating protects both the outside and the inside, offering excellent protection against corrosion and impacts. Third-party tests have shown that the service life of undamaged pipes is at least 75 years, and CorroFlo® pipes also meet the requirements for the toughest
corrosivity category, C5-M, in a marine environment.

  • Free from Bisphenol-A
  • Compliance with DVGW W270 and KTW
  • Very low surface roughness prevents accumulation on the inside of the pipes
  • Very high corrosion resistance equivalent to C5-M
  • Very high resistance to chemicals
  • Extremely low flow resistance means optimised operating costs

RocShield® for additional resistance

For additional long-term strength and resistance to wear and tough handling, FlowMax® pipes can be coated with RocShield® – another 500 µm LDPE coating
on top of the CorroFlo® coating.

  • Simpler, safer pipe handling thanks to the rougher structure and better grip
  • Very high resistance to wear and mechanical impact
  • Very high impact resistance
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A future-proof water supply and sewerage system – when the city and the number of water consumers grow

Alvenius FlowMax® systems make it much easier to design a pipe system that can cope with future expansion
and higher water volume.

The FlowMax® pipes’ low flow resistance means that you can simply increase the pump pressure in the future and supply more water consumers through existing pipe systems.

No additional pipes are needed and no pipes need to be replaced with pipes with larger dimensions.

Water supply and sewerage systems with maximum energy efficiency

The losses in FlowMax® pipes are much lower than in alternative pipes on account of the very ‘slippery’ CorroFlo® coating.

This means that you get more useful energy with lower energy consumption from a FlowMax® pipe. The low internal friction in FlowMax® pipes with CorroFlo® coating means that you can save up to 50% on energy consumption.

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Excellent performance

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes deliver performance that cannot be matched by any alternative, and their combination of advantages makes them unbeatably cost-efficient.

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes also permit you to pump water over long distances with no loss of pump pressure.

  • You can choose pipes with smaller dimensions, with the same pump capacity
  • You can choose smaller or fewer pumps in the system
  • In the future, you can increase the pump capacity with the same pipe dimensions
  • You get both lower investment costs and lower operating costs

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A complete system of couplings and steel pipe fittings. Quick to assemble and easy to handle.

The complete FlowMax® pipe system contains everything needed for all types of installations – pipes, couplings, valves, bends, T-pipes, adapters, threaded outlets, etc.

Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.
Installation is very straight-forward.
No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training.

All you need are pipes, couplings and a spanner.  Assembly goes at least ten times faster than with welding and is done entirely without special training or hot work.

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