Millions of piping miles since 1951

Alvenius was founded in 1951 and has focussed ever since on providing the industrial world with high-quality quick-connecting steel pipe systems. Today, Alvenius concentrates its expertise on Tunneling and Mining, Industry, Fire Protection, Snowmaking, Water & Sewerage systems and Special Applications. There have been miles and miles of piping delivered over the years!

Swedish steel is the basis of Alvenius’ success, and FlowMax® pipes are spiral-welded from pressure-vessel-class high-strength steel. This means that the pipes can be made with a thin yet strong wall and, due to the spiral welding, remain straight.  The benefits are many – low weight and a larger inner diameter for a given outer diameter and working pressure. 
Strong finances, strong and far-sighted ownership and a clear vision about the direction of development mean that you can count on Alvenius and the availability of our skills and solutions long into the future.

We operate everywhere

You can find us in Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and of course our home market of Sweden.

This international presence has many advantages. Above all it means that we have developed  a deep understanding of what’s needed to deliver superiour solutions and cost effective piping systems all over the world.

We operate everywhere
Certifications and approvals. You can depend on us!

Certifications and approvals.
You can depend on us!

Our objectives are crystal clear - to attain the highest possible quality in knowledge, skills and product solutions. 
Every year we invest significant sums in both technical development and leading-edge systems for quality and environmental protection.  

All pipes and fittings are designed and manufactured according to the demands in the Pressure Equipment Directive, PED 2014/68/EU. Every welded joint is checked visually, with ultrasound and regularly also by X-ray.  
All pipes are subjected to hydrostatic testing at 1.5 times the working pressure.

Our CorroFlo® coated products are certified according to C5-M (ISO 12944-6) for corrosion resistance.

Obviously we are certified according to both 
ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Strong owners. Dynamic concern.

Alvenius is an important part of Boxholms AB, whose business concept is to acquire and develop niche companies to become leading players in their respective markets.
Boxholms AB is a family-owned industrial concern with a lineage that stretches back to the 1800s. The concern views its investments as long-term commitments in stable lines of business with clear growth potential. 
With roots in the Swedish base industries, Boxholms AB creates value that builds on modern business models 
and future areas of technology. 

Strong owners. Dynamic concern.