Steel pipe systems for fire protection

Alvenius delivers reliable and safe steel pipe systems for extinguishing water systems and sprinklers. Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are the absolute best solution in extinguishing water environments where 100% reliability and performance is required for decades to come.

Reliable pipes with long durability

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are supplied with CorroFlo® coating for maximum service life. Even if the extinguishing system remains unused for long periods with corrosive water, no corrosion occurs.

CorroFlo® pipes exceed the requirements for the toughest corrosivity classification C5-M (marine environment).

The flexible couplings allow some deflection and takes up vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

Reliable pipes with long durability - Fire
Fast and easy assembly - Fire

Fast and easy assembly

The combination of the FlowMax® pipes low weight and the quick coupling makes the system extremely easy to assemble and handle. No welding, no special tools and no time-consuming training is required. 

Customer adapted solutions

If you don't find the solutions you need in our standard assortment we will tailor make them for you.

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