Steel pipe systems for snowmaking

Alvenius' quick-coupled steel pipe system has all the properties needed for snowmaking in the most cost effective way. The complete FlowMax® system meets the requirement of maximum reliability and easy installation.

Lightweight pipes gives advantages

Alvenius spiral welded FlowMax® pipes are strong and lightweight, as the wall thickness is thin.

Lighter pipes allow:

  • More pipes per transport to the ski resort
  • More pipes per helicopter lift up to the ski slope
  • No or smaller lifting equipment at the pipe trench

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Fast and easy assembly

Fast and easy assembly

The combination of the FlowMax® pipes low weight and the quick coupling makes the system extremely easy to assemble and handle. No welding, no special tools and no time-consuming training is required. 

Changes or additions to an existing system goes quickly and gives a short down time.

Surface coating protects against
corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used in tough conditions.
Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

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