More snow for less cost.
High performance piping systems
with low flow resistance.

Work out the lifetime costs of snow making installations, and you’ll find that the ones using Alvenius piping systems will come out as winners.

Alvenius FlowMax®-pipes with CorroFlo® coating have the advantages you need for producing snow in the most cost-effective way.  Light weight, supremely low flow resistance and long life are properties that we build into every pipe metre.

CORROFLO™ (thermoplastic coating) saves money

FlowMax® steel pipes have a CorroFlo® coating that gives low friction and hence super-low flow resistance and pressure drop.

This means that you can use smaller or fewer pumps 
in the system – or pipes of smaller diameter. 

You´ll make real savings both in investment and operation!

CORROFLO™ (thermoplastic coating) saves money
It’s the inner diameter that counts!

It’s the inner diameter that counts!

Due to the high quality of the steel and Alvenius’ unique manufacturing process using spiral welding, the pipes are made with much thinner walls and lower weight 
- while still maintaining a stable profile.

This means you can obtain pipes with a larger inner diameter for the same outer diameter. Cost savings in transport, handling and installation are the outcome!

Surface coatings that protect
against corrosion and wear

Piping systems in snow-making installations are often subjected to high stresses and must be reliable year after year. Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems are therefore supplied with different types of surface finish for maximal length of life.

We´ll provide you with the surface finish 
that best suits your needs.

Surface coatings that protect against corrosion and wear

  • CorroFlo® (thermoplastic coating)

    Pipes with a CorroFlo® coating are ideal in ground containing for example acidic water or aggressive chemicals. Tests show that CorroFlo® pipes meet the requirements of the marine environment’s toughest corrosivity classification, C5-M.
    This surface treatment also minimises the risk for build-up of deposits on the inside of the pipe.

  • RocShield®

    FlowMax® pipes with CorroFlo® coating can be treated on the outside with RocShield®.
    This coating gives an even more durable surface for even better resistance to mechanical wear.

Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.

Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.

Installation is straight-forward. No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training.
All you need are pipes, couplings and a spanner.

Assembly goes at least ten times faster compared to welding and is done entirely without special training or hot work.

Moreover, the weight of FlowMax® CorroFlo® pipes is about 1/3 that of cast-iron pipes, which has a positive effect 
on freight and installation costs.