Steel pipe system for water & wastewater

Alvenius' quick-coupled steel pipe systems are developed for the future VA installations. Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are suitable for permanent and temporary installations for raw water, drinking water and wastewater.

Ideal for drinking water

Thanks to the CorroFlo® coating, Alvenius FlowMax® system is ideal for transporting drinking water.
The surface coating complies to 
all hygiene specification requirements 
plus it effectively prevents internal build-up in the pipes.

The CorroFlo® coating is approved for distribution of drinking water all over the world, the pipes are diffusion-proof and approved for usage in contaminated areas.

Ideal for drinking water
Maximum durability

Maximum durability

Alvenius FlowMax® has been developed 
to work far into the future.
Thanks to the high strength steel and the very resistant 
surface coatings we can ensure a pipe system with 
high dependability and durability.

The FlowMax®-system handles different working conditions and of course there will be no changes in the mechanical properties in the long run.
Thanks to well-proven couplings and high tolerance specifications, leaks in joints are eliminated.
Changes in length, temperature differences or vibrations 
is perfectly handled by a FlowMax® system!

Surface coating protects against
corrosion and wear

Piping systems are used in tough conditions.
Alvenius FlowMax® piping systems are supplied with a suitable surface coating for maximum service life.

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  • CorroFlo®

    Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are coated both internally and externally with CorroFlo®. These pipes are ideal for environments and applications where, for example, acidic water and aggressive chemicals are a problem.
    Tests show that CorroFlo® meets the requirements for the extremely demanding corrosion class SS-EN ISO 12944, which applies to marine environments (C5-M) and underground (Im3). Independent tests show that pipes coated with CorroFlo® offer a service life of more than 50 years.

  • RocShield®

    For extra-durable wear and impact protection, the external surface of the pipes can be treated with RocShield® on top of the CorroFlo® coating. RocShield® is a 500 μm LDPE layer that offers extreme resistance, making it suitable for pipes used in exposed environments. The surface structure with its good gripping properties also offers easier and safer handling.

Quickest installation on the market

Quickest installation on the market

Thanks to their low weight the FlowMax® pipes are easy to handle and the well-proven quick couplings ensures you can install the system quickly, safely, easily 
and without any preparatory work whatsoever.

No special tools, no special training needed, no welding involved – you save considerable installation time, as there is no need for cooling and X-raying of welding.

Also on-site cutting is fairly simple.

Lightest pipes on the market

Thin walls mean larger outer diameter.

Thanks to the high-strength spiral-welded steel the result is a pipet hat is light-weight, very strong and with thin walls. 
This means a pipe with a larger inner diameter 
for any given outer diameter.

You can also keep a defined flow rate or end pressure but choose a pipe with a smaller outer diameter. 
Whichever you choose, a FlowMax® pipe is 30-50 % lighter 
than conventional pipes.

Lightest pipes on the market
Complete system for all needs

Complete system for all needs

Alvenius FlowMax® is a complete system with pipes and 
pipe fittings from DN80 to DN500, couplings, bends, 
tapping fittings, adjustable fittings, project unique fittings 
and adapters in various dimensions and variants.

Using reducer couplings or flange reducers, you can easily connect FlowMax® pipes to other types of pipes - such as PE or ductile iron – and connecting the pipes to pumps and valves is a breeze.

FlowMax® - superior perfomance

Alvenius FlowMax® pipes offer unrivalled performance compared to any other system, and the combination of a range of advantages make the pipes unbeatably cost effective.

FlowMax® pipes give you loads of operating benefits:

  • You can specify pipes in smaller dimensions, but still retain the same pump capacity
  • You can specify smaller or fewer pumps in the system
  • Your will get both lower investment costs and operating costs  

FlowMax® - superior perfomance
A future proof water and wastewater system

A future proof water and wastewater system

With Alvenius FlowMax® system you can easily design and dimension a water and wastewater system that allows for future expansion of for example a residential area, or for an expanded number of water consumers.
No additional pipes will be required and no pipes will need to be replaced with larger dimension pipes.

Alvenius FlowMax® systems are dimensioned 
for higher pressure than other systems
and offer significantly lower flow resistance.