Piping solutions that boost profitability

Still believe a pipe is… just a pipe? Then it’s time to reconsider. Piping solutions from Swedish Alvenius Industries are quite different from what you are used to.

We develop, manufacture and supply spiral-welded, quick-coupling galvanized steel pipe systems that are stronger, lighter, have lower flow resistance, better anti-corrosion properties than stainless steel and give better total cost effectiveness. Of course we can also provide you with special solutions that we tailor to your needs.

We call it Performance in Piping and it means that you can:

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Obtain the lowest possible life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Buy "green" pipes – whatever the colour! 

Low flow resistance + lower operating costs
= better total economics

It’s the inside that counts!
Because of the FlowMax® CorroFlo® pipe’s thermoplastic pipe coating, the inside surface is slippery, i.e. friction is reduced and flow resistance is the lowest possible. Meaning you save up to 50% in energy consumption.

FlowMax® pipes with CorroFlo® coating offer a range of advantages:

  • You can choose a pipe of smaller diameter but keep the same pump capacity
  • You can select a smaller pump
  • In larger systems you can reduce the  number of pumps
  • The result – lower investment costs and lower running costs

Larger inner diameter for the same outer diameter

Thinner walls give a larger inner diameter. Because of the high quality steel and the spiral welding technique, the pipes are lightweight and strong.
This means that we can use a thinner steel coil, which in turn gives you a pipe that has a larger inner diameter for the same outer diameter. Or you can keep a specified flow but reduce the outer dimension.

Whichever you choose, the weight of the system is reduced. 

Low flow resistance
Surface coating

No corrosion, minimal wear. The CorroFlo® pipe surface coating does the job.

Alvenius FlowMax® can be supplied with different types 
of corrosion protection.

  • CorroFlo® (thermoplastic coating)

    CorroFlo® -coated pipes are ideal in environments where for example acidic water and aggressive chemicals are a problem. Tests show that CorroFlo® pipes meet the requirements of the marine environment’s toughest corrosivity classification, C5-M. This surface treatment also minimises the risk for build-up of deposits on the inside of the pipe.

  • RocShield®

    FlowMax® pipes with CorroFlo® coating can be treated on the outside with RocShield®. This coating gives an even more durable surface that better tolerates mechanical wear.

  • HDG - Hot-dip galvanization

    Ideal for pipes that are to be dismantled/reassembled due to a very robust surface coating. In the event of damage, the zinc coating “heals” itself.

  • Rubber lined inner surface

    For transportation of slurry and extremely abrasive media.

A complete system of couplings and steel pipe fittings.
Quick to assemble and easy to handle.

The complete FlowMax® pipe system contains everything needed for all types of installations – pipes, couplings, valves, bends, T-pipes, adapters, threaded outlets, etc.

Fast and easy assembly. Short downtimes.
Installation is very straight-forward. No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training. 

All you need are pipes, couplings and a spanner.  Assembly goes at least ten times faster than with welding and is done entirely without special training or hot work.

Short installation times
Short installation times

Lowest possible total costs

The basic investment in a piping system is one thing. The total cost of owning and running the system over time is something quite different.

In the calculation you must take account of all the benefits that system solutions from Alvenius include – faster installation, lower energy costs, lower running costs and shorter downtimes for inspection or repair.

Because Alvenius pipes have quick couplings, they can be easily dismantled and re-used. Or even sold on, second-hand. So when you do a lifetime calculation on the pipe system, you can be sure Alvenius comes out the winner.


Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Due to the larger inner diameter of Alvenius FlowMax® pipes, and the low inner friction of FlowMax® CorroFlo® pipes, you obtain unbeatably low flow resistance and save up to 50% in energy consumption.

Save money with smaller or fewer pumps
Because of the low friction and low flow resistance of FlowMax® pipes, you can use pumps with lower power ratings as the pumps require less energy to reach the specified line pressure. 
You also have the possibility of reducing the number of pumps 
in the system. 
In both cases the gains are obvious – you save money in both initial investment and operation.

High or low pressure pipe? We have the answer.

Alvenius FlowMax pipes are available for all pressures up to 100 bar and in diameters from 48 – 639 mm. One of the big advantages of Alvenius FlowMax pipes is that they handle the high pressure pipe despite its low weight. The low weight means that the pipes are easy to handle, which means unbeatable quick and easy installation. The systems consist of couplings, bends, valves and much more, in corresponding pressure classes.




The spiral that strengthens and lightens

Swedish pressure-vessel-class durable steel and spiral welding are the secret – Alvenius FlowMax® pipes are strong and at the same time light, due to thinner walls.
Compared to ductile pipes the weight is reduced by 70% 
and compared to plastic pipes the difference is up to 50% 
depending on diameter.

Spiral welding also means that FlowMax® pipes keep their shape without bending while being welded, handled and put under load.

High pressure, low weight
Respect for the environment

We care for the environment

We have achieved this through:

  • Reduced consumption of iron ore
  • Lower CO2 emissions than average in Europe (SSAB)
  • More efficient transport of plate to our factory
  • Lower power consumption for welding
  • More efficient transport of pipes to customer or place of installation
  • More efficient installation – no welding, narrower trenches
  • Lower power consumption by pumps throughout their entire working lives
  • Long working life

The pipe system materials are almost 100% recyclable.