Quick couplings for up to 100 bar

One of many advantages with Alvenius solutions is that installation is very easy due to the quick-coupling systems. No welding. No special tools. No time-consuming training plus entirely without hot work.

You choose the right couplings for the system parameters – pressure, temperature, bend angles, 
and types of media. 
There is also a wide choice of rubber gasket types to suit both the media and the working temperatures 
of the material to be pumped. EPDM is the standard and definitely the most common gasket.

K10/K70. Up to 40 bar.

Alvenius K10 Shouldered is our own branded, metric standard self-quick-coupling system for pressures up to 40 bar depending on dimensions. 
The K10 system is easier to assemble than the grooved system – it is much more flexible 
and each coupling can handle angles of up to 4°.

K70 is a hinged coupling for even faster and more flexible assembly – only a single bolt needs to be tightened.

K10/K70. Up to 40 bar.

  • Dimensions Ø48 – 355 mm

  • Self-tightening gasket. Works also for vacuum under certain circumstances.

  • Standard gasket of EPDM rubber, also resistant to chemicals.

  • Working temperature -35 to + 110°

  • Nitrile or silicon gasket for prolonged contact with petroleum.

  • Up to 4°angular deflection

  • Insensitive to vibration.

  • Absorbs axial movement in the pipe system due to axial play in the coupling.

Grooved. Up to 100 bar.

Grooved. Up to 100 bar.

Grooved quick-coupling system to ISO standard and for pressures up to 100 bar depending on size.

Need special couplings for even higher pressures? 
We´ve got them!

  • Dimensions 48 – 610 mm

  • Rigid or flexible couplings

  • Wide selection of rubber gaskets depending on application and media to be transported in the pipe.

  • Self-tightening gasket. Also works under certain circumstances for vacuum.

  • Up to 2.5° angular deflection

  • Insensitive to vibration

  • Can handle axial movement, for example due to thermal expansion