Thin-walled steel pipes from Ø48 – 813 mm

Alvenius FlowMa®x pipes consist of unique spiral-welded pressure-vessel-class steel. This means that the pipes can be made with thin yet strong walls. Plus, due to the spiral welding, they remain straight.

Below is a list of quick facts about Alvenius FlowMax® pipes. 
If you need extremely low weight, we can supply a PED- approved aluminium pipes.
If you know exactly what you’re looking for, please just get in contact with us 
and we will take care of you promptly!

  • Material

    Pressure-vessel-class steel

  • Dimensions, spiral-welded

    Ø76 – 639 mm, stepless

  • Dimensions, longitudinal welded

    Ø48 – 60 mm

  • Quality standard

    EN 10217-1, ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (enviroment) Manufacturing standard, pressure vessel directive PED 2014/68/EU

  • Wall thickness

    1,2 – 7,0 mm

  • Material

    Yield strength 240-650 MPa

  • Pipe length

    Up to 12 metres

  • Pressure class

    Up to 100 bar, depending on coupling type

  • Coupling system

    K10 Shouldered (metric standard) quick-coupling Grooved (ISO-standard) quick-coupling Plain-ended pipe for welding Flanged ANSI or DIN

  • Weight saving

    30 – 50 % compared with traditional pipe

Alvenius standard pipes

Alvenius manufactures and stocks normal pipes in metric sizes (often called K10) and in ISO sizes.
Standard pipes of different pressure classes are available depending on the area of use.

Pipes up to DN300 (12”) are normally in stock. 
Standard lengths are 12m, 6m for transport on trailers 
and 5.8m for transport in containers. 
Moreover there are short pipes of different lengths available 
to easily make up a system. 

For maximum reliability, all pipes that leave the factory 
are pressure-tested with water 
to 1.5 times the given working pressure.

Alvenius standard pipes
Alvenius special pipes

Alvenius special pipes

If you need special pipes for special applications, 
you’ve come to the right place! 
Or if you need small series and lesser volumes 
– there we’re unbeatable.

A good example of pipes for special applications is powder capsules for the steel industry. Casing pipes, or pipes for vacuum waste collectors are other special productions.

The common denominators for special applications
are special requirements for dimensions,
performance, weight and strength.