Norra Länken – Tunnelling under Stockholm

The Norra Länken road tunnel is one of northern Europe's largest road tunnel systems, covering a total of 13 km.

Alvenius supplied more than 19,000 metres of FlowMax® pipes in the sizesØ 219 x 3.6 mm, Ø 161 x 2 mm, Ø 107 x 2 mm and Ø 60 x 1.8 mm, as well as couplings and accessories.
All pipes, couplings and pipe components are coated with CorroFlo® for maximum corrosion protection.
Moreover, our fast weekly deliveries enabledmuch shorter installation times.
The combination of low weight, a broad product range and good availability has resulted ina long-term partnership between Alvenius and the installation company (C2M/Bravida), as well as contracts for several other global projects.

Size: 60 mm, 107 mm, 161 mm, 219 mm
Media: Extinguishing water

Öresund Tunnel

The Öresund tunnel stretches 4.1 km and spans four lanes of road traffic, two railway lines and a service tunnel.

Alvenius supplied two CorroFlo®-coated FlowMax® pipe systems for replacing the existing stainless steel systems.
The CorroFlo® coating is ideal for use in demanding tunnel environments and tests show the service life of undamaged pipes to be well over 75 years. What's more, the pipes fulfil the requirements of the strictest corrosion protection class, C5-M for marine environments.
The pipe systems, 4" pipes for water mist sprinklers, have been pressure-tested to 172 bar, whereas normal operating pressure is 120 bar. The 8" pipes for extinguishing water have been tested to 30 bar.

Size: 114 mm, 219 mm
Media: Municipal water

Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant

Ringhals nuclear power plant produces a significant share of Sweden's electricity supply. This nuclear power plant is one of only a few in the world equipped with both boiling water and pressurized water reactors. 

Alvenius supplied CorroFlo®-coated FlowMax® pipes for replacing an older system.
Key factors in the choice of Alvenius FlowMax® were the system's high reliability, long service life and short installation times. Tests show that pipes coated with CorroFlo® offer a service life of well over 75 years.

Viktiga egenskaper i beslutet av Alvenius FlowMax® var systemets höga motståndskraft, långa livslängd, liksom de korta montagetiderna. Tester visar att livslängden på CorroFlo®-belagda rör är långt över 75 år.

Nynas Refining

Nynas Refining is a global supplier of specialty oils and one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality bitumen.
Its location by the Baltic Sea outside Nynäshamn has consequences for the entire refinery – a challenging climate, strong winds, rapid temperature fluctuations and unpredictable weather patterns.

Alvenius FlowMax® with a CorroFlo® coating was considered the most suitable pipe system for both the application and the prevailing conditions.
Important considerations in the choice of FlowMax® were the pipe system's long service life and couplings that offer a certain degree of flexibility. Tests show that CorroFlo®-coated pipes fulfil the requirements of the strictest corrosion protection class, C5-M for marine environments.

Size: 168–323 mm
Media: Brackish water

Sprinkler pipes for fire protection in central warehouse. Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Meca is one of Scandinavia's largest car accessory suppliers, stocking more than 500,000 different items.
When a new central warehouse in Eskilstuna was being planned, effective fire protection was one of the highest priorities. The central warehouse was completed in 2005, with sprinkler pipes from Alvenius.

Alvenius supplied standpipes in the diameters DN150, DN200 and DN250 and distribution pipes in the sizes DN65, DN80 and DN100. The pipes were supplied uncoated with rolled groove ends and assembled using quick couplings. A total of 7,400 metres of pipe were installed.
One major advantage of Alvenius spiral-welded pipes in high-strength steel is that they are considerably lighter than traditional commercial pipes. The installation using Alvenius sprinkler pipes saved almost 25 tonnes in overall weight (40% lighter than the equivalent commercial pipes) and the entire installation was carried out by two fitters.
The low weight meant faster assembly and significantly less physical exertion.

Size: 76 mm, 89 mm, 114 mm, 168 mm, 219 mm, 273 mm
Media: Municipal water